After praying and asking God to help me break my addiction to food and to help me get into better health for myself, my family and my grandchildren, I knew that I was finally determined to lose some pounds and inches! I was always tired, out of breath, couldn’t even tie my shoes without being miserable and out of breath, felt terrible, bloated, my wedding rings after 22 years would not fit anymore and I was moving up clothing sizes way to fast. After months of prayer and contemplation, I started Orion on May 19, 2014. Through continued prayer and the help of Dr. Kroll and the Orion Staff, I am now down 43 lbs. (four (4) clothing sizes!!!) and feel fabulous!! My body is in better fitness health and I love the new energy I have. The past 5 months have been hard work but has also opened my eyes to paying attention to portion control and eating healthier. Dr. Kroll and his staff are wonderful! No matter what kind of week I’ve had, their always smiling, understanding and Helpful! At every weight-in the staff are always concerned about me! Not pushy or rushing to me done & on my way. They are always ready to do whatever they can to encourage and help you. The office is very pleasant, very clean, nicely decorated, not the “hospital” feel. I always feel comfortable with them, they NEVER make you feel ashamed or uncomfortable if you’ve had a bad week or day. They understand you and always encourage you to keep your head up, smile and keep trying. I Thank God everyday for helping me to stay strong, focused, empowered and leading me to Orion. Thank you Orion and the Staff for all you do for everyone.

Mary Revis

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Dr. Kroll and the entire Orion Weight Loss staff for their weight loss program. My success in the program has been tremendous! To date, I’ve lost over 75lbs. in under 7 months. I’m still in the program and have another 30lbs. to go. The program really works. The 1st 2 days of the program I lost 9lbs! At that point, I was excited. I’ve had a problem with weight almost my entire life and I’ve tried a lot of weight loss programs in the past. I’m the type of person who needs to see results quickly or I get discouraged. Dr. Kroll’s program is very easy to follow. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and truly concerned in helping me meet my weight loss goals. Whenever I see my friends or family now, they all comment how good (and young) I look, and ask how I’ve done it (of course, I tell them). The Orion Rapid Weight Loss Program has truly been a life changing experience. I fully recommend Dr. Kroll’s program to anyone looking to lose weight! Thanks for everything!

Brian Morris

Once I entered my mid-30’s, I started really struggling with my weight. The pounds were just creeping up on me and before I knew it, I was buying new clothes…but one larger size at a time. When I moved back to Florida, I weighed 169 which is what I weighed when I gave birth to my son a little more than 22 years ago. I was depressed and concerned for myself health because diabetes runs on both sides of my family and I’ve lost both my father and my grandfather to that disease. I started my own weight loss regimen, trying to regulate what I was eating, increasing my activity level and such and was successful for a while…until I reached that annoying plateau. I started the Orion program in February of 2015. I absolutely loved the staff, the program was well-designed and explained simply so I couldn’t help but follow it. I am proud to say that I am within 10 pounds of my goal weight (130) and I actually wore a bikini on the beach without a cover up and felt GREAT about it! I have more energy and, of course, my depression is gone. If you’re looking for a good weight loss program, there’s plenty to be found online or down the street at a clinic of sorts. However, if you’re looking for a GREAT weight loss program that is personal, with staff that are down to earth and are committed to helping you meet your weight loss goals, then THIS is the place you want to come. Trust me on that one!

Anjel Nero

I joined Orion June 13, 2014 with a family member, not only to support them but because I was in need to lose weight myself. I was on a medical weight loss program a year prior to that and did ok. But got sick and then financial situations happened which caused me to not be able to afford to continue with the program. I was able to lose approx 20 lbs or so in the few months that I was on the program. But over the year I gained it all back and then some. When I was approached about joining with my family member as moral support I jumped at the chance as I was at my heaviest and was feeling REALLY down about myself and knew something had to change!. I had my initial meeting with Dr Kroll and was really impressed with him and on how down to earth he is and how comfortable he made me. All of the staff with Orion and the doctor’s office itself are very friendly and easily approachable with any questions or concerns I have. I have been on the Orion program for just over 3 months and have lost 44lbs! I am really close to being halfway to my goal and if I can keep going at the rate that I have been I will be at my goal right around Christmas time (or shortly after). What a great gift that would be! This diet is not a difficult of one to follow. Yes I was never really one to count calories or carbs but then again that’s how I got to where I was….. With those items really being the only things that you have to count on this diet along with drinking the suggested amount of water on a daily basis you will be able to handle this diet. I would definately recommend Orion to anyone who is looking for a good program with a friendly environment to join! Thanks Orion!!

Crystal Steele MacPhee

When I came To Orion Rapid Weight Loss Program I was at my heaviest 251 lbs. I was desparate having tried many many diets, different types of otc weight loss supplements, and spent alot of money failing over and over again. I decided to try Orion and have followed the program mostly and have presently lost 73 lbs. The staff are wounderful, caring people. When I had problems with leg cramps or I thought I should have lost more they reviewed with me my diet and different options. I have been very satisfied with Dr Kroll and the atmosphere and attitudes of all the staff. I would and have recommended this program to several of my friends, and I’m not at my goal yet but am confident I will reach it with their help. Thank you all!

Ruth Catalfamo